Data Privacy & Security

Our clients look to us to contextualize and operationalize the evolving regulatory and industry-driven obligations and political landscape relevant to their business practices and plans.

We deliver a broad range of multi-disciplinary services focused on privacy- and security-related risks.  Our team includes multiple certified privacy professionals with industry and in-house experience who work with clients to develop effective information management programs.

We prepare and help to implement commercial contracts, terms of use, public-facing notices and internal privacy, security, retention, incident-response and disaster-recovery policies and plans; we advise clients on privacy and security best practices, vendor risk management and cross-border transfers; and we provide C-suite training, legal audits and remediation, insurance review and transaction-driven due diligence and exit readiness.

We and our network of foreign experts help clients understand and comply with complex and dynamic spheres of legislative and regulatory obligations that touch on customer, partner and workplace activities and client objectives.