By now you have been inundated with alerts about the new EU-US Privacy Shield and its availability as of August 1, 2016. Companies certifying compliance with the Privacy Shield can benefit in bringing EU-origin information into the US, but will increase their risk of enforcement actions if their US-centric policies do not meet EU standards.

Whether the benefits outweigh the burdens is a question that can only be answered with specific reference to each company’s needs and practices.  For many, a phased approach may be best; for others, immediate action may be indicated.  For a more detailed analysis, see noted privacy expert David Bender‘s summary here.

Let us explore the pros and cons with you. Our privacy team will provide the guidance you need.

Also, please see materials from our recent Conference (A Toolkit for Data Privacy & Security) held in Boston on Thursday, September 29th at the Harvard Club (Downtown).

GTC Data/Privacy Team:

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